Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inspiration Cabinet

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I believe that we all need a place to go to for inspiration to collect our ideas, write down our dreams, and showcase cherished treasures. I have found that place in our new home with an old cabinet that I refinished from my parent’s farm.

Inspiration Cabinet

The cabinet came from the playhouse that my father built myself and my four siblings. As a child I remember retreating to the playhouse so that I could add treasures to the cabinet. Now, the cabinet has a new face and new purpose in my craft room. It holds memorable notes and treasures that inspire me. It also contains supplies for the silk flower bouquets that I make. I love the idea of using an inspiration cabinet versus an inspiration board, because the cabinet can be closed and kept secret.
Inspiration Cabinet

To make it my own, I added the crackle finish, and attached some leftover tin to the face. To this day the cabinet brings me back to my childhood and the grand dreams I had, and still have.
Crackle Paint

Inspiration Cabinet

Do you have a secret hiding spot, or a place that you retreat to for inspiration?

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