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Homemade Yoga Mat Cleaner

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Yoga helps me in many ways. It helps me to stay focused, calm, appreciative, and mindful of my health and others. I try to practice about three times a week. About a year ago, I invested in a nice yoga mat to improve my practice. (I use a manduka, and I have been very pleased with the quality of this mat). When I purchased it I noticed it needed to be broken in, so I made a yoga mat cleaner to improve my practice on the mat. Also, the dirt that the studio carries, and the dirt and oils that you carry can decrease the quality of the mat overtime. When my hands and feet start to slip on my yoga mat, I know it is time for a cleaning (roughly once a month). The amount you should clean your yoga mat is dependent upon the amount that you practice, and your preference. The good thing about this yoga mat cleaner is that it is cheap, customizable, and easy to make. *Before trying this recipe I would recommend looking through the manual or website of your mat's brand. Some mats require specific cleaners.

Homemade yoga mat cleaner

For this cleaner, I use: 2 teaspoons of white vinegar (you can use more, I just don't like the smell of vinegar), 6 tablespoons of water, washcloth, spray bottle or a jar with a lid, and 8 drops of essential oil. (I love the smell of rose oil, and so I chose Rose Absolute by Aura Cacia. However, you can customize the oil to your scent preference, and some oils can help focus your practice. For example, if you like to destress during your practice I would recommend lavendar. Or if you like to recharge during your practice I would recommend peppermint.)

I added all of the ingredients into a mason jar (you can use a spray bottle instead).

white vinegar

Then mix thoroughly until all ingredients are blended well.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

rose absolut oil

From here, you take your washcloth and spread the cleaner on to your yoga mat generously. After you have rubbed the mixture in, let the yoga mat dry. This process should take about 10-15 minutes. If it is a nice day, I would recommend letting the yoga mat dry in the sun for several minutes. Once one side is complete, I recommend repeating the process on the other side.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

Outtake: My husband surprised me as I was cleaning my mat.
It is amazing what a difference a clean yoga mat can make for your practice. Hope you enjoy!

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