Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How To: Embossing Powder

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Embossing Powder

As a girl I loved giving/receiving handwritten letters. As an adult I love receiving handwritten letters even more, because they are a nice departure from the routine bills that hit my mailbox. When I write letters I try to personalize them so the receiver knows how much I care. 

To thank the attendees of my son's first birthday party, I wanted to try something different with the thank you letters. I visited Paper Source and fell in love with many of their products, especially their embossing powder tools. I decided to purchase some embossing powder essentials, and I am thrilled that I did. 

For this project, you will need:
As you can see from the links above, and the pictures below I used Paper Source products. However, your local craft store should have heat embossing products. For example, Hobby Lobby, JO-ANN, and Michaels carry their own lines of heat embossing products. 

Heat Embossing Tools

To personalize the stationery I used the VersaMarker pen to write out "thank you". This pen allows for a lot of flexibility in your design. 

Embossing Powder Ink Pen

With the paper underneath I dusted the embossing powder onto the inked surface of the stationery. 

Embossing Powder

Without touching the "thank you" on the card, I removed the excess powder. 

Thank You Embossing Card

From here I set the card aside and rolled the paper up while keeping all of the powder inside of the rolled paper. Then I placed the excess powder back into the container for later use. 

Paper Source

This is where it gets fun! I turned the heat gun on. I let it get hot (about 15 seconds) and then I slowly grazed the gun over the powdered "thank you". Right before my eyes the powder turned into a beautiful, shiny, textured, permanent message. It was like magic! I was hooked!

Embossing Heat Tool

Thank you card

I had so much fun adding the "thank you" note to the front of the card I wanted to add something special to the envelope seal. This time I used the stamp and stamp pad. 

Powder Embossing Tools

I absolutely love the effect that heated embossing powder brings to paper. The finished product is determinant on where the powder falls, and this makes for a very special and unique product every time. 

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  1. I love that foxes! They are absolutely stunning and so cute!) Nice job.


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