Monday, December 19, 2016

Children's DIY Wrapping Paper

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I really enjoy picking out wrapping paper with the right embellishments for my loved ones for Christmas. However, with two little ones at home I didn't get the chance to browse our local craft store for goodies to adorn presents this year. So, instead I decided to involve them and created an extra special and unique wrapping paper this year. 

For this project, you will need: 
  • Kraft Paper. I purchased Boardwalk Kraft Paper via Amazon. I like this version, because the paper wraps really well. It is very crisp, but it is easy to cut because it isn't too thick or bulky. I am also excited, because I know I can also use it for more children craft projects in the future. 
  • Washable and Non-Toxic Paint. I knew I couldn't go wrong with Crayola's Arcylic Paint. I kept the theme classic with red and white paint. However, please feel free to use any and all of the colors your or children's hearts desires.
  • Craft Paintbrushes. Or your child's toes and fingers to apply the paint. 
  • Embellishments like Baker's Twine, Ribbon and Bells. 

Tips before you start:
  • Do the project outside or on a surface you are not afraid of getting dirty. The same goes for your child's clothing. The best thing about this project is watching your child use his/her creative liberties and enjoy the process.
  • If you are doing this project outside, ensure the weather is calm and sunny. You don't want the paper to fly away, and you need for the paper to dry before you roll it up.
  • Once you roll the kraft paper out, tape down the edges with painter's tape to avoid fly-away paper.
  • I splattered some paint on the paper for the children to run their fingers and toes through to help start them on the painting process. 
  • Paper may crinkle and that is okay. I believe imperfection makes this present perfect.
It is so fun to watch your child experiment with the blank canvas.

Have fun with the wrapping. I like to add a surprise embellishment. This year I chose bells, because my son loves singing to "Jingle Bells." My husband especially loved hearing about 40 bells ringing in the backseat during our two-hour journey to the country for Christmas. Either way, I think my son and daughter's grandmother will enjoy the gift they made for her below.  And I hope you enjoy wrapping with your children this year. 

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