Monday, April 1, 2013

A Look Back at March

Thank you for visiting. I now have a new home at I hope you will find me there.

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Easter. I had a splendid Easter full of family time, with numerous reminders of how blessed I am.

On this first day of April, it is now time to take A Look Back at March. I look forward to what April will bring. Please let me know if you have any DIY ideas or requests. I am always looking for new ideas. Until then, please enjoy A Look Back at March:

March 5, 2013 ~ Kale Chips  

March 8, 2013 ~ DIY Tassel Garland

March 11, 2013 ~ How to Crackle Paint

March 13, 2013 ~ BBW: Copper Tea Pot

March 18, 2013 ~ Homemade Crepes


March 21, 2013 ~ Colander Planter

March 27, 2013 ~ Inspiration Cabinet

 March 29, 2013 ~ Golden Easter Eggs

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