Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hunting for Antique Treasures

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This past weekend, my mother-in-law and I spent many hours looking for treasures at the biannual Antique Weekend(s) in Round Top and Warrenton, Texas. Some may call the treasures junk, some may call the treasures antiques; but we just call it a lot of fun. The landscape and charm of Round Top and Warrenton offer the perfect backdrop for treasure hunting. We found some wonderful treasures, and after some major haggling for bargain prices I took some treasures home. 

Round Top Antique Fair
There are hundreds of tents to choose from to start the treasure hunt

Flea Market
Some may call it junk, but I call it potential fun

Antique Show

Vintage Toys
Vintage Toys


I fell in love with this late 1880's wood leaf frame holding a beautiful embroidery message. My mother is a wonderful embroiderer, and her pieces are showcased throughout my parent’s house. This piece reminded so much of my childhood home and I hope it brings the same comfort to our family that my mother’s pieces do. I think I found a perfect home for it in my kitchen next to our dining table.
Embroidery Sign

Wood Leaf Frame

I really liked the next piece instantly.  The beautiful carvings and legs, and skinny stature made it a great fit for our entry way. I added a bowl for our cell phones and keys. The shabby chic finish was recently added, but I think it brings out the detailed carvings of this antique piece. I also think it fits well with the embroidery hoop art I recently created.
Shabby Chic Table
Austrian Table

Shabby Chic Table

The last item is set aside for a future project. These legs were once a part of a Swedish Textile Presser.  I plan (with the help of my husband J) to turn it into the base for my craft table. I hope to complete that project soon. So stay tuned! 
Industrial Table Legs
In the meantime, I just had to share a video of the cutest vintage wind-up toy we saw last weekend. I hope you enjoy!

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