Monday, April 15, 2013

DIY Designated For Baskets

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I am slowly in the process of spring cleaning. This past weekend, I purged some items in our closet and made a trip to Goodwill. I have a really hard time letting go of my belongings. I always feel that as soon as I let my old clothes, handbags, shoes go; I will need them. Eventhough I know that is rarely the case. So, I have created a designated spot for donations to slowly add items that I don't wear/use anymore. I can then choose to donate the items when my basket starts to become full, and I truly haven't worn the designated items in the meantime.

Dry Clean and Clothes Donation Basket

I also added a basket for dry cleaning, so that I can remind myself to go to the cleaners when the basket is full.

This super easy DIY project took about 30 minutes. Its simple use of stickers and pretty paper brought me back to my elementary days, and it was oh so fun :).

I used scrapbook paper, o rings, a hole punch, plyers, adhesive 3D letters, and baskets (I got mine from HomeGoods). I would also recommend using a hot glue gun on the letters to add extra adhesive.

DIY Designated For Baskets

After placing the letters on the paper accordingly, punch four holes on the edges of the paper. From here you will open the o rings with plyers or with your hands, and place them through the hole securing them to the basket. After you clasp the o ring back together, repeat the steps on all four holes. That is all, my friends.

DIY Dry Clean Sign

Clothes Donation Sign

Dry Clean and Clothes Donation Baskets

DIY Dry Clean and Donation Clothes Bag

My personalized baskets sit in front of our clothes hamper in our master closet.

I hope you enjoy personalizing your baskets.

How do you organize to help with spring cleaning?

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